Why B4RN?

Here's what moving to a Hyperfast Broadband service can do for you, your family and your property or business.

Your internet will get a major upgrade.  In fact, the Gigabit broadband service from B4RN is already giving world-leading Internet speeds.

Let's talk figures. 

Average download speed for rural properties is 7.2 Mbps (according to a 2019 Ofcom report). 

B4RN's download/upload speed is 1,000 Mbps.

That's 138x times faster.

(Mbps = megabits per second)

Internet speeds of 1Gb (1,000 Mbps) for both download and upload mean no more waiting for things to load, or for buffering to stop.

Even if you have multiple people connected on different devices around your home or business, the capacity of a 1Gb connection will give you all uninterrupted internet access.

The days of the Internet slowing down during peak times are over.

With B4RN, you will be future proofing yourself and your property against the wave of new and emerging technologies.

Be ready for 'Smart Home' technologies where appliances are connected to the internet giving us more security and convenience. 

 Existing applications include smart speakers, security cameras, fitness trackers, kitchen appliances, heating systems and lighting.

More and more services are being delivered online requiring faster speeds and unlimited data.

Online exercise classes, streaming 4k definition Blue Planet, running a more efficient homeschool (yes please!),  staying in touch with family members around the world, Zoom conference calls, doctors' appointments, gaming online, watching sports events.  The list is endless!   And it's getting longer all the time!

There's NO binding commitment needed from you until after B4RN have laid the cables, and then you only sign a contract a few days ahead of connection to the service.

There are no lengthy contracts and no early cancellation costs.  A 7 day cooling off period also allows you to cancel and connect at a later date. 

Full T&Cs are available here

At £33 a month B4RN's internet service is much cheaper than current equivalents. 

With B4RN you will be protecting yourself from corporate price hikes and hidden costs.

A recent government report estimated that Superfast Broadband (>30Mbps speeds) increases your property value by around £3,500. 

Imagine what Hyperfast Broadband (~1,000Mbps speeds) could do!

Whether you run a hotel, B&B or a self-catering property, with B4RN you will be able to provide the world’s fastest internet for your customers.

More and more people expect WIFI on their holidays, so this will help make you more attractive to prospective customers when compared to alternative destinations.

Any surplus revenues are invested back into the network infrastructure, connecting the wider community and local community support.  B4RN is not listed on the Stock Exchange and therefore has no uninvolved shareholders to panda to.  It's a Community Benefit Society, so all profits return to the community.

B4RN gives free service to schools, places of worship, and some village halls. 

By signing up up to the B4RN service in your area you are making sure the project is viable for all in your community.

B4RN operates on a 24-hour response support service if you are having any trouble with your internet. 

Regular B4RN computer clubs run by experienced B4RN users will also help you get the most out of your Hyperfast Broadband connection.

B4RN is not intended as an additional service and cost.  It is there to simplify your life at a lower cost.  The services it can replace include your existing internet, TV aerials, and phone lines, with Voice Over IP services in one streamlined system.