Hyperfast Broadband for Crook

Includes Strickland Ketel & Nether Staveley


You can now sign up for the B4RN Service in our area.

All you need is the following:

> Your Postcode (for the service checker)

> Your Name & Address

> Your current speed (there's a test link on the form)

And, if you are signing up as a Business:

> Company number

> Unique Tax ID.

Ready for a major upgrade to your internet?

Already registered interest?

You will still need to complete the GET B4RN sign up form to secure service to your property.

If you have any problems or questions during the sign up please email us at help@crookb4rn.org


It's now possible to invest in B4RN & help your local project.

  • Shares are held for a minimum of 3 years and offer an attractive return (currently 5% p.a.)

  • Invest £1,500 in a single transaction and your connection fee (worth £150) is waived. Invest more and for every £1,500 you can donate your connection fee, up to 4 other people.

  • Investment makes you a member. All members are entitled to one vote at general meetings.

For full details please visit: b4rn.org.uk/b4rn-shares-prospectus

Apply for shares & download the form here: b4rn.org.uk/b4rn-shares-apply

Or email info@b4rn.org.uk to request an application pack.


Great News - Gigabit Voucher scheme reopened for Crook

Have you signed up yet?

"NO" - now is a great time to sign up and take advantage of this available funding to get some of the world's fastest internet.

"YES" - please look out for an email from the DCMS asking you to validate your voucher for B4RN to be able to connect your property up to the service.

Any issues please email us a help@crookb4rn.org

Please encourage friends and neighbours who haven’t signed up yet to do so as well.

If you would prefer to speak to someone on the phone or arrange a visit please request a call back and a member of our team will give you a call.

Welcome to B4RN for Crook where we are working hard to bring local homes and businesses world class broadband.

Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN - known as "Barn") is a professional internet service provider working with the local community to bring full fibre connectivity to the whole area.

Set up as a non-profit Community Benefit Society, it is owned by the community and any profit B4RN makes can only be fed back to the community.

B4RN aims to keep prices low - £30 a month for domestic users. It gives everyone in the community the chance of a hyperfast fibre optic connection - not just those in easy to reach areas.

The 1000 Mbps service means no more buffering, however many devices you are using!

There are a number of ways you can get involved and help bring this hyperfast broadband to Crook sooner.

If you live in this area you could get hyperfast internet

Why have hyperfast Broadband?

As the world becomes more tech-driven with more products, services and content being accessed and delivered online, the demands of a good internet connection dramatically increase. With hyperfast broadband rural areas won't be left behind.

Future proof your property so that you can:

  • Work remotely from home

  • Stay connected with friends & family via video

  • Stream your entertainment including, TV , Films, gaming etc;

  • Be ready for Virtual Reality and 8K TV - home entertainment of the future

  • Replace your telephone line with VOIP services

  • No more worries about how many other members of the household are using bandwidth

  • Add to the value of your property

Gigabit speeds with B4RN as your provider

We have put answers to the main Frequently Asked Questions here on one page. If you still have any unanswered questions please get in touch.

B4RN for Crook is a project driven by the local community for the community. If you are interested in helping we could all get connected sooner.

Please visit our Volunteer page to find out how.

If you would like to contact us

please do so from here


We will be sending out updates at key stages during the Crook B4RN project. So you don't miss out please make sure you are on the list by completing this signup form.

Please note, if you have already completed our Expression of Interest or GetB4RN forms you are already on our News Updates list.


Each week we will be sending out updates on the project target and progress.

You're data will only be used for the purposes of the Crook B4RN project and won't be shared with 3rd parties. B4RN's Privacy Policy describes in more detail what personal data is held and why.